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EQN Landmark video talks procedural content, visits Everfrost

Jef Reahard

SOE has dropped another EverQuest Next Landmark dev diary video. Senior producer Terry Michaels and senior art director Rosie Rappaport are your hosts for a three-minute look at the creation of the world.

"We didn't want to create the world for Landmark the way we did in previous games. It needs to be giant, it needs to be huge," Michaels says. "So we couldn't go down the path of hand-crafting everything in the world. It would take way too long and people would consume that content way before we could create more of it."

SOE's solution is procedural content, and the video attempts to explain how the firm's concept art, "field guides," and various assets fit together and enable devs "to basically press a button and generate a continent that looks hand-crafted."

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