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The Queue: In which Sacco was busy doing something super important

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is still going "Awww!"

I'm terribly sorry but your usual Sacco-filled weekend Queue has been preempted by Mike's sudden decision to go propose to his witty, clever, lovely partner last night. If you're interested in the tale, Sacco decided to live tweet the whole thing on his Twitter account. It is absolutely adorable in every possible way, and kept us all watching Twitter for the better part of an hour. And that leads us to our first question of the day.

@ScottLeyes asked via Twitter:

Question for the Queue: Is Sacco engaged yet?

He most certainly is, and congratulations to them both!

inkliizii1 asked:

Do you think that Blizzard should implement a way to do LFR after the level it was intended for? I know I missed out on transmog models from DS LFR, and I can only imagine how bad it'll be after Mists, with all the LFRs we have. Just annoying that there's this entire difficulty full of cool recolors that's unavailable now.

I don't know if they should implement a way to do LFR after the intended level, but I do think they should make some sort of way to obtain the tier sets and gear from those old LFRs. There was some really cool stuff in the Dragon Soul LFR, and unfortunately you can't go back to get those cool colors and models. Maybe something extra to spend all those Justice Points on? It's food for thought.

AnthonyDarkPassengerPokeMan asked:

Why hasn't Garrosh started turning green after Burning Crusade. He as been around alot of magic and fel energy, especially after he became the Warchief, shouldn't he be turning colors by now?

He most definitely hasn't been around enough fel energy to warrant turning his skin green. Keep in mind that the orcs on Draenor weren't just exposed to fel energy, it pretty much seeped into the land. Draenor was drenched with it, and so were the orcs of the old Horde -- and it all came straight from the Burning Legion. In Azeroth, warlocks are something that are around, but they aren't really common like they were in the old days. And Garrosh has made it very, very clear that he doesn't care for warlocks -- next time you're in Siege of Orgrimmar, pay attention to what's going on when you go into the Cleft of Shadow and you'll see just how much Garrosh likes the idea of using fel magic.

Which, coincidentally, leads right into the next question!

Matthew2 asked:

So I was doing SoO and noticed on my way to the RFC portion, that all the warlock trainers (and Neeru Fireblade!) were HUNG from ropes. Whats that about? Garrosh is pro dark-shaman, but anti warlock?

Dark shaman and warlocks are two entirely different things. Warlocks use fel magic that originated from the Burning Legion. Dark shaman, on the other hand, simply bully the elements into giving them power. As far as the shaman of the Earthen Ring are concerned, it's an abuse of power, and anathema to everything that being a shaman is about, but as far as Garrosh is concerned, it's using the powers you have at your disposal.

However, there is no way -- none at all -- that Garrosh would ever tolerate fel magic after witnessing what happened to his homeland. He lived through the destruction of Draenor. He grew up with a clan of orcs that embraced the fact that they were never corrupted. He lived with the shame of his father's corruption for the majority of his life. He's not about to suddenly say warlocks are okay, not after he's seen exactly what fel magic can do. For more on the dark shaman, you can also check out this piece I wrote for Know Your Lore.

thebl4ckd0g asked:

So here is a Q4TQ: what would be sufficient level for a Rogue to go SOLO the Deathwing Raid to complete the legendary daggers Questline? I'm at the point on my Rogue where I've got the 2nd set of Epics. But could never quite find a non-LFR group to get into and finish them up. I still want to finish them though... Will I most likely need to wait till I hit 100, or bring along a tank and healer to do it?

It may take a while before you can actually solo stuff from Dragon Soul. I'd recommend taking a couple of people along to do it, if you're in a hurry. Alternatively, you could try using the oQueue addon to find a group that is doing the older stuff -- oQueue is ridiculously handy for that sort of thing. Good luck -- the quest is totally worth completing, and the daggers are amazing, even if they aren't really viable at level 90.

Alibarem asked:

I asked this on the other que, but it's better to post here. I'm in a Draenei-only RP guild, where we operate out of Outlands. Our goal is to preserve our culture and assist in restoring Draenor. What happens to our members, from an IC pov, that are in Shath when the Dark Portal turns red? Will Outland's (which is our timeline's Draenor and always will be) Dark Portal connection be severed?

I -do- understand that we're not time traveling. However, our means to get to our universe's Draenor will be hyjacked and due to some timey wimey yarn string theory, we'll be connecting the past of an alternate (Garrosh McFly prevented his mom from falling in love with Grom and is now- Whoops, I mean he prevented the Orcs from drinking the blood and thus split the timeline.) universe to our modern-day Azeroth, across time and space. The past is traveling to us, not the other way around. :D I just wonder about our Draenor. Technically we can always use a trans-demensional ship to get back; however, -only- the Dark Portal can connect us to Alternate Draenor.

From an in-character point of view of those stationed in Shattrath -- absolutely nothing. Outland and the alternate Draenor aren't connected to each other in any way. The only difference your characters will note is that the Dark Portal in Azeroth no longer goes to Outland -- it goes to Draenor instead. Blizzard has stated that there will be another way for lower level players to get to Outland, so your guild members can simply use that method.

I don't really know what that means for the Dark Portal in Outland, however -- it hasn't been clarified just yet. Either that Dark Portal will simply stop letting people through it, or it'll be connected to whatever alternate method Blizzard conjures up for players to get through the portal. It's likely going to be the latter. Blizzard did mention the possibility of the Caverns of Time being hooked up to Outland -- that may be the way fresh level 60's get through to Hellfire, and it might also be where you end up if you go through the Dark Portal in Outland. We'll have to wait and see how exactly that all pans out, for now.

itsdeeps asked:

if there isn't another arena season how do you think, with the iLvL difference in gear, that Bliz will handle leveling to start out in WoD? will it be a huge uphill battle for PvPers and lolezmode for raiders? gear has been damn near interchangeable at the end of most expansions so I'm just wondering how they plan on handling this

We don't really have a lot of information about that, currently. However, I'm thinking the item squish that is going into play will likely make it a much more even playing field -- it would be the easiest way to handle that particular situation.

Frost1874 asked:

Will we be able to go back and do the Pandaria quests on boosted 90s? I'd like to use it on a horde alt to see their side of things, but will I be able to get the quest that takes you to Pandaria at 90?

I'm pretty sure you'll still get the Pandaria quest automatically added to your log as soon as you step in your capital city, if you haven't completed that quest yet. If they didn't, then there would be no way to go back and snag all the achievements and see all the story -- and that would be ridiculously counterproductive.

ISO1600 asked:

I've recently gotten in to pet battles with my 3 & 4 year olds. They absolutely love the mini game and its a fun family thing we can do in WoW. Wondering if theres been any rumors or speculation of this feature coming to mobile? I'd love to be able to do it with them, snuggled up with our iPads and Nexus 7s. Seems like it would be fairly simple to port to iOS or Android.

It's been mentioned and discussed before, but there's never been any official information about it actually happening. Is it something they'd like to do? More than likely! But it's a matter of having the time and resources to actually develop the thing -- trying to put that together as a mobile game is nowhere near as easy as you'd think.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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