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A look at common tablet gripes

Ilene Hoffman

BGR reports that FixYa has released its December 2013 Tablet Report. This report summarizes problem complaints from over 10,000 posts on the Fixya site. The devices in question include the Apple iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, Amazon Kindle HDX 8.9, and Microsoft Surface 2.

BGR lists the top five problems for each device listed above, but none of those problems are a deal breaker if an iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display is on your Christmas wish list. If a Kindle (main complaints are browser and apps) or Surface 2 (main complaint is no apps) are on your wish list, well ... you need a new list.

Complaints with Apple iPads include Safari instability and crashes, grey lines or a yellow tint on the iPad Air, and display issues on the iPad mini with Retina display. Ghosting, in which you can see a faint image of the app you were using when you switch to another app, seems to be the most common complaint with the smaller iPad.

FixYa recommends the fix for an off color tint on the iPad Air is to go to settings and turn off sleep mode. Next turn up your screen brightness to full and let the battery die down. If that doesn't work, either call Apple support or bring the Air into an Apple store. FixYa does not say whether Apple will replace or fix the iPad Air.

To fix the ghosting on an iPad mini, Fixya recommends you change the contrast and brightness settings, plus reduce the motion in the accessibility settings. If that doesn't work, again talk with Apple support.

FixYa is a troubleshooting site that provides a place for users to post complaints and solutions to a wide variety of products from sewing machines and microwaves to cars and variety of electronic equipment. It's a modern version of our once beloved site that was solely devoted to Apple products (now owned by Cnet), but Fixya covers every product category. You can see a list of Fixya's summary reports on Smartphones, Mobile Browsers, Fitness Bands, Headphones, and more on the Fixya Blog Reports page.

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