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Aviary pauses Windows 8 and WP8 development, focuses on iOS and Android for now


We hope folks on WP and Windows 8 are A-OK with Aviary's apps and SDKs as they are, because the company is not currently developing its products for the platforms. An Aviary representative has revealed the news in the firm's forums, citing the "lack of general platform traction" as the reason. We reached out to CEO Tobias Peggs who confirmed that his team isn't working on Aviary's Windows tools this quarter. Apparently, the startup has chosen to focus on its iOS and Android products, following a tremendous growth in userbase on those operating systems. Not all hope is lost, however: according to Peggs, Aviary's currently gathering feedback from Windows developers who've incorporated its image editing SDK into their own apps. Their input will be taken into account when the company makes its 2014 roadmap, which means, the CEO says, "[Aviary] may well jump back in."

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