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Endangered species get helping hand from Microsoft, Zoo Tycoon

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Community challenges for Zoo Tycoon players will benefit more than just virtual animals, thanks to donations from Microsoft. Each month, a new challenge will be issued by Zoo Tycoon developer Frontier. When the challenge has been completed, Microsoft will donate $10,000 to whichever nonprofit organization the players have voted for.

Each challenge is focused on a different endangered species, with the first round of voting underway. Players can vote for one of the three following challenges from the in-game community page:
  • Adopt 1,000 komodo dragons in Zoo Tycoon and Microsoft and AZA will donate $10,000 to support the Komodo Survival Program's work with the Indonesian Government to protect this species.
  • Release 1,000 rhinos to the wild in Zoo Tycoon and Microsoft and Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) will donate $10,000 to help protect and deter further poaching of rhino horns in Africa.
  • Release 1,000 sumatran tigers into the wild in Zoo Tycoon and Microsoft and AZA will donate $10,000 to the Tiger Species Survival Program to help reduce the number of sumatran tigers killed, displaced or caught in snares.
When voting closes on December 31, the winning challenge will begin.

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