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2K drops huge NBA 2K14 patch on Xbox One, PS4


A new patch has been issued for NBA 2K14 on Xbox One and PS4. This third patch, which aims to improve gameplay features and squash some of the more pernicious bugs, is available for download on both consoles right now.

In the patch notes, 2K Games promises fewer sudden disconnects when playing against others online as well as a resolution to the lengthy blank loading screen that would sometimes hit players when they booted up the game. 2K has also fixed a nasty bug that would prevent players from proceeding past the All-Star break after playing through multiple seasons in MyCareer mode.

Some issues are specific to the Xbox One, – such as game invites failing to go through or players entering an uncontrollable state when a secondary profile would sign in then out. Both have been taken care of, along with a bug where blocked players could still find each other in online matches. Now when you block them, they can't find you on Xbox Live.

Other minor improvements include resolving a camera glitch and adding an entirely new camera angle option, tweaking dribble animations for some players in order to be smoother and changing certain situational AI behavior. The patch changes quite a lot, so head on over to this 2K blog post for the full game tape.

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