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Changes at TUAW for 2014


Season's greetings to all our readers! I wanted to thank you for being a part of our community, and share a few updates with you about our plans for TUAW in 2014.

During the Christmas and New Year's weeks, expect the pace of posts on the site to slow down. We're working behind the scenes (and taking time off for the holidays in between) to make some changes.

Starting this week (12/23), we're transitioning to a more reliable schedule for posting stories. Every day, a few times each day, we'll post news roundups. If a story is particularly important, we'll post outside of these windows, but we feel that our sister sites TechCrunch and Engadget do a really good job on breaking news stories, so there's no use in re-inventing the wheel.

We're also looking to do more reviews in 2014, because we love creators! Seriously, we do love reviewing apps and hardware, so look for more of this in 2014. We're also going to bring you more how-to's, video and audio delivered on a regular schedule; all on tap for the new year. We'll have plenty of topical feature stories and in-depth analysis -- all of which you'll be able to find easily each day.

I can't talk about some of the secret projects we're working on, but have you had a listen to the TUAW 1-to-1 podcast? We recently changed our newsletter frequency from weekly to daily, and it now covers all apps and app news (still only five stories a day, M-F). I should point out that the newsletter won't be running for this week due to our limited holiday schedule.

Like many other sites that depend on ad revenue for their continued operation, AOL Tech's sites (Engadget, TechCrunch, etc.) no longer provide a full-content RSS feed. This change to RSS includes TUAW. It also helps us combat scrapers, which had become a huge problem.

We realize this is inconvenient for those of you who prefer to interact with TUAW solely through our RSS feed, but I encourage you to check out the full site once in a while, and keep us in business.

Lastly, the TUAW iOS app has been retired from the App Store and won't be coming back any time soon. Yes, that's a bummer, but again I encourage you to visit the site itself, where we've worked hard to deliver a decent mobile experience.

Going forward into 2014 I'm truly excited to see the next phase in TUAW's development come to fruition. We'll have more articles by your favorite authors, plus a more set schedule so you'll know when to check for certain stories. Roundups of new apps, news and rumors will keep you in the know without having to wade through endless patent litigation stories or Apple Store opening announcements. Plus, we're working on some really wonderful new projects for the year that you'll start to see this Spring.

If you need to get in touch with us to share a tip or send a correction, please use our feedback form and let us know.

As always, thanks for reading TUAW! Please share the site with a friend, or mention it if someone you know opens up a shiny new Apple product this holiday.

All the best,

Victor Agreda, Jr., Editor-in-Chief

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