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The WoW Insider Show LIVE!


Tonight we're going live at 8:00 p.m. PDT / 11:00 p.m. EDT with the WoW Insider Show. You can join us right above with the live stream or head over to our YouTube stream to listen, or our Twitch page to chat with us. If you can't make the show don't worry! It'll be posted on iTunes tomorrow, along with a full recording right here.

Now you might be asking yourself why we're broadcasting on YouTube? You see, the great gods of Twitch have decided to curse us into oblivion and our stream will just not work. But hey, that's okay, because I hear YouTube comments are awesome. Not only are the people there great big balls of fluffy awesome snoflakes, but it's also fun to use your Google+ ID to comment (Remember that Google+ thing? Yeah, neither do we). Long story short, that's why you can chat with us in Twitch, and listen to us on YouTube.

Technology man ... it's the future.

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