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Fanmade Gone Home demake given the Fullbright blessing

Xav de Matos, @Xav

The Fullbright Company's Gone Home has garnered plenty of fans since launching in August, but one fan in particular has parlayed his enjoyment of the game into an inspired development venture. Fan Seth Macy is in the process of developing a demake of the nostalgia trip, recreating the experience as a 16-bit RPG using the PC software RPG Maker XP. "I got the go-ahead to continue on with my @GoneHomeGame JRPG demake," Macy tweeted, indicating that even The Fullbright Company is anticipating the game's translation as much as we are.

Gone Home tells the tale of a sister visiting her family after a semester studying abroad. Greeted by her family's unfamiliar new home, the young woman explores the quiet house and soon uncovers a deeply personal story surrounding her sister's whereabouts.

The Joystiq review of Gone Home lauded Fullbright's debut, noting the game represented "a snapshot of a time and family gone by in your absence, but one that is expressed in a way that is practical, restrained and unique to the premise."

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