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Leak hints at Nokia-made Windows Phone with dual SIMs


Rumors surfaced just days ago of Nokia-built Windows Phone 8.1 devices for the developing world, and you may already be looking at one of them today... or rather, its home screen. Frequent tipster @evleaks has posted what's reportedly a screenshot from the Moneypenny, the all-touch device from those earlier rumors. In addition to showing on-screen navigation keys, the image supports claims that the Moneypenny is the first dual-SIM Windows Phone -- an important gesture toward markets like China and India, where multi-line support is a big selling point. There aren't many other clues in picture, although the "6:30" in the corner may allude to a Lumia 630 name. Whatever Nokia might call the handset, we wouldn't expect it anytime soon; assuming the Moneypenny exists in the first place, we likely won't hear anything official about it until Microsoft reveals Windows Phone 8.1.

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