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'Web' beta promises a modernized browser for the Raspberry Pi


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The Raspberry Pi single-board computer may have started as a simple educational tool, but over the past year users have revealed it's capable of much more. From drones to smart TV hacks to supercomputers, the $35 PC can be manipulated for almost any task, and now the team behind it is working on a better web browser. Developed over the last few months with the help of open source consultants Collabora, the unimaginatively named "Web" is promising an up-to-date experience designed for the hardware's limitations and strengths alike. Future Raspbian releases will come standard with this HTML5-capable browser, promising ARMv6-optimized 2D rendering, a smooth tab experience and accelerated image and video decoding. At this point it takes some technical savvy to get online and cranking, but if you know your way around a command line then just follow these instructions.

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