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Rumor: Guacamelee coming to PS4, Xbox One with new content


Drinkbox Studios is allegedly preparing a next-gen port of its latest, Guacamelee. This new version, which is said to be coming to Xbox One and PS4, will add new content and greater visual polish to the Lucha Libre-inspired 2D action-platformer.

The rumor comes via a piece that was published by IGN over this weekend but has since been pulled. In it, designer Chris McQuinn told IGN that the next-gen version of the game would include two additional worlds to explore, new enemy types, a "chicken-bomb ability" and updated visuals with better particle effects.

We contacted Drinkbox Studios and were told by McQuinn that the studio is "not ready to talk about any of our current projects but we'll be sure to reach out to you when we are." Guacamelee initially launched in April of this year, for both the PS Vita and PS3, and was later ported to the PC in August.

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