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Steam Holiday Sale day 8: Hotline Miami, DMC, Dark Souls, Gone Home [update]


Update: Our comments point out that the prices for today's deals have changed since they were initially posted on Steam. We've updated this post with the current prices.

Take a moment to enjoy the fact that you've made it a week into this year's Steam Holiday Sale. Good job – but stay strong. There's another week of this madness left.

Today's daily deals are Dark Souls for $5.99, Hotline Miami for $1.99, DMC: Devil May Cry for $12.49, Anno 2070 for $7.49, NBA 2K14 for $14.99, Killing Floor for $4.99, Van Helsing for $5.09, Wargame Airland Battle for $9.99 and Gone Home for $6.79. Flash sales available for eight more hours are Bastion for $2.24, Lost Planet 3 for $12.49, Unepic for $3.99 and The Cave for $3.74.

You can grab yesterday's daily deals for another 24 hours: Endless Space for $7.50, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for $5, Terraria for $2.50, Payday 2 for $13.50, plus a few more.

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