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The Queue: Tyrannosaur bite strength

Matthew Rossi
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi does some weird things when he's bored.

So I made breakfast in bed for my wife today, primarily so I could keep her upstairs while I cleaned up our bunny cage and the cat's litter box, as sort of a small present to her. Afterwards, we sat around and looked up the bite force of various living animals, finding out that saltwater crocodiles and great white sharks are among the contenders for 'strongest bite force' among living animals. We then read that some folks estimate T-Rex could bite with up to 12,800 pounds of force.

That is a lot of bite strength.

Anyway, let's get on with the Queue, shall we?

Laffable asks:

Q4TQ: How's LFR these days? Is it full of jerks? Can a casual like me pop in and still feel satisfied, or is Flex really the way to go for light raiding? I have a hard time making set times, and I would feel bad only showing up once every few weeks.

Having watched my wife run LFR numerous times, my honest assessment is that it's about the same as it was about half-way through Dragon Soul - some people are jerks, yes, but overall most people are just there, neither tremendously jerky nor especially noble.

wjmholder asks:

Has there been any mention of what they are planning to do for professions in 6.0? Personally, I'd love it if professions went account wide. You'd still have to level them up but you'd not longer need to switch characters just to see if you had a certain recipe or do a combine for a friend.

There hasn't been any new information on professions aside from the news during BlizzCon that Garrisons will allow your character to have limited access to professions he or she doesn't have. They've mentioned they want to do more with them, but we have no specifics yet.

Ron2 asks:

I was shopping for heirlooms today and I noticed that the heirloom shield (Weathered Observer's Shield) has more Stamina, Intellect, and secondary stats than the off-hand frill (Musty Tome of the Lost). Why is that? Do Shaman and Pallies need more of each stat to get the same effect as a clothie?

The shield was a much later addition to the ranks of heirlooms, and was probably itemized more in keeping with the non-caster shield that was introduced and less with the off-hand, which was introduced earlier. It's a simple oversight.

TysonHinton asks:

I have a question. Can you recerive BOA weapons from Garrosh from extra rolls? I haven't seen anything conclusive saying that you can and wasn't sure if they worked similarly runestones and the other legendary quest drops.

I have done so, so unless they changed it after the second time I killed Garrosh (when I blew a coin and got my 2h axe) the answer is yes, you can.

peeberlicious asks:

think they'll ever finish the raid journal?

they completed the "raid" journal for all the 5mans in tbc but not the actual raids.

It would certainly make my transmog hunting a lot easier, so I definitely hope they do. I'm sure they'll finish it when they finish it.

ScottLeyes said:

And now, i'm off to compose a parody called Rossi and the Insidernauts as they quest (daily) in search of the Golden Lotus.

...and beer.

...., heck, i'll just go back to writing my fanfic of Tyrande, Jaina & Sylvanas stranded on Succubus Island (begin cheesy sax music)...

And then Loco said:

I think you meant Rossi and the Dinosaurs ;)

My answer here is yes, it should be Rossi and the Dinosaurs. And the dinosaurs should have magnificent beards made of brightly colored feathers. Like these:

And that's The Queue for today. Adios all. Leave lots of questions in the comments as we get back in the swing of answering them.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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