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Breakfast Topic: Things you just can't bother to do in WoW

I've played World of Warcraft for a long while now, which means at one time or another, I've at least tried most of the things the game has to offer. I've done PvE and PvP; I've played as a hard-core raider and a total casual; and at one point or another I've at least dabbled in all of the game's professions. For quite a while, the one in-game thing I just wouldn't do was fishing: it seemed tedious and I could never find the time or interest to level it very far. But lately, that's changed: a recent venture into fishing has shown me that it's not nearly as tedious as I remember it being and dailies for the Anglers are not un-fun.

This has reduced my list of things I can't be bothered to do in-game to just one item: archeology. Tempted by the appeal of high-level items and lured by the new-found ease of leveling fishing, I gave archeology a go only to discover that leveling it goes well past my tolerance levels for tedium. Maybe next expansion?

So today, tell us, WoW-ers, what in-game tasks -- professions or not -- can you just not bring yourself to do?

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