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Stiq Figures, December 16 - 22: Gaming resolutions edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

This time next week, we'll have cleared another year of gaming! Whatever your tastes may be, I hope 2013 offered plenty of great games to help you unwind from the daily grind. It certainly sat well with me - from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds proving itself to be my favorite 2D Zelda ever to Resogun providing my new "just one more round" fix, this year had lots of great new experiences for me to sink hours into.

I've been thinking of how some people make New Year's resolutions though, and how I would benefit from leaving behind some of my gaming habits in 2013. Chasing chore-tier achievements instead of digging into new games I would actually enjoy playing is a practice I definitely intend to abandon. I should also probably stop snatching up games that I want to play but definitely don't have time for, even if they're on sale. I love supporting developers, but the scales for doing so while spending sensibly has been tipped considerably in their favor for years.

Instead of earning virtual points and lurking for Amazon deals, I'd like to spend more time playing games that I typically wouldn't try. Comfort zones are great, but if Fire Emblem: Awakening has taught me anything, failing repeatedly isn't so bad when the involved game is a brilliant addition to its genre. I'd also like to look back and play some of the iconic games I've missed out on over the years - I still haven't started Earthbound for example, despite buying it the day it released on the Wii U Virtual Console.

That's just me, though. Do you have any habits you might benefit from dropping for the next year of gaming? Is it time for you to vow off buying season passes or collector's editions? Let us know what your resolutions are once you check this week's Japanese hardware sales after the jump!

3DS LL: 164,078 [UP] 33,368
Wii U: 109,113 [UP] 34,210
3DS: 68,522 [UP] 17,676
Vita: 50,087 [UP] 19,647
PS3: 24,573 [UP] 614
PSP: 9,905 [UP] 3,430
Vita TV: 5,504 [DOWN] 2
Wii: 1,711 [UP] 514
Xbox 360: 763 [UP] 227

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