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Sunday Morning Funnies: Good ropework

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Several comics on the list this week have posted special Christmas, holiday, or Winter Veil themed editions. Although this does mean that the list is a bit thinner than usual, there is plenty of fun stuff; for example, Gratz includes some festive song lyrics, there's a comic crossover, and a rather morbid annual tradition is carried through (accidentally, of course). And there's caroling!

Speaking of Gratz, Book 3 starts next week, and fully kicks off in 2014.

Did you like the dwarven uh, display, last week? It was commissioned by Trig's wife, who showed up in the comments section (in case you missed it!). So if you didn't know Arugadh, mystery solved! (But wife aggro aside, I don't think anyone could have ignored such an articulate and... descriptive request!)

Finally, NPC is not WoW-related this week. But, it's Christmas-related, and there are cats, and a really awesome picture on the wall in one background that I never noticed before (or never was shown before). So if you want to see the WoW-playing cats have their holiday fun, Put a Bow On It will pick it up from where we left off last week.

And of course... Happy Holidays! I hope you all have been merry and bright, warm and safe, and are gearing up well for 2014.

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