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Around Azeroth: Dinosaurs invade the Vale

As if the Vale didn't already have enough problems, now it's plagued by an apparent ghostly dinosaur infestation. Says Bleepblip from Stormrage, "Saw these parading around Shrine yesterday and I had no clue what was happening." As to how this happened, we're pretty sure this was done by players using Ai-Li's Skymirror, which copies the appearance of other players -- in this case, we'd guess they're copying a rogue that has used Glyph of Disguise to pickpocket and take on the appearance of a... and that's where we get stuck. We're not sure what kind of dinosaur is out there that rogues can pickpocket -- do dinosaurs even have pockets? -- but clearly they exist.

Either that or we need to really start worrying about the oncoming zombie dinosaur apocalypse.

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