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Steam adds Outlast, GTA 4, Metro to Holiday Sale, breaks 7.6 million concurrent users


The Steam Holiday Sale continues to steamroll over your self-control, slashing prices on another batch of games. Today's deals include Grand Theft Auto 4 or Game Dev Tycoon for $5, the entire Alan Wake collection for $4, survival horror gem Outlast for $6.79, Metro: Last Light for $13.59 and more.

You'll also find very deep discounts courtesy of a community sale on Nihilumbra and flash sales on Shadow Warrior, Tropico 4, Limbo and Spacebase D-F9. And, of course, yesterday's big deals are still available, including discounts on The Swapper, Total War: Rome 2, Spelunky and more.

In related news, Valve's Crazy Ernie-like attitude toward savings has spurred Steam to break yet another of its records. On December 29, the service surpassed 7.6 million concurrent users, beating the record of 7 million it set earlier this month.

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