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Best iOS apps of 2013, as chosen by the Talkcast team


'Tis the season for wrapping up the year that was into a neat bundle of best-of reviews, and who are we to argue with tradition?

On Sunday's live Talkcast, I gathered a gang of eloquent experts to dive into the best iOS apps of 2013. Here, organized by recommender, are their picks and suggestions. Remember, you can subscribe to the Talkcast in iTunes -- and keep an eye out for a new feed for the show in the new year!

Julio Ojeda-Zapata (technology writer for the Pioneer Press, author of The Mobile Writer): The visually impressive Yahoo Weather app; the "Uber of snowplowing" Plowz app; the Xfinity TV Go app; Google's steadily improving suite of iOS apps like Hangouts, YouTube Capture, QuickOffice and Google Drive; Pocket Casts; and Feedly.

Gedeon Maheux (principal and co-founder of The Iconfactory): Kingdom Rush Frontiers (game); Oceanhorn (game); Drawquest (game, new for iPhone); Groove Music App (music player); and a second vote for Yahoo Weather.

Jeff Gamet (managing editor of The Mac Observer): Paper by 53; Status Board; ComiXology; Bungie's legendary FPS Marathon Trilogy -- Marathon, Durandal and Infinity; and SkySafari Pro 4. Runners-up: Bossjock, MyCreate and Forbidden Island.

Brett Terpstra (TUAW contributor, mad scientist, developer of Marked 2): Editorial, MindNode and Drafts. Runners-up: BTT Remote, Camera+, SneakyPix and ReadQuick.

Ben Roethig (host at Spiral Episode 1, Fantastical 2 and Calendars 5.

Steve Sande: Apple's revamped iWork for iOS, the Pages/Keynote/Numbers "2013 edition" apps; Parallels Access (see Steve's review here); the Dropcam client; Sphere (360 Camera); United Airlines; and Knock.

Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd: 2013's GarageBand; Plex; Terminology; the smart-ass Carrot to-do app; DeskConnect; Square Cash; XScope Mirror; Droplr; and SmartGlass for Xbox One.

Kelly Guimont: Riposte; Dark Horse Digital; AirVideo; The Room TWO, from Fireproof Games; Favd (AdN photo sharing); Springpad; and PDFPen Scan +.

Mike Rose: Spin (previewed here); Citymapper; DeskConnect; Dumb Ways to Die; Minecraft Pocket Edition; Uber; Sleep Cycle; and -- with the appropriate disclaimer that I do work for Salesforce -- the awesome Salesforce 1.

Did we miss any must-haves? Please let us know in the comments!

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