Productivity app Todoist drops the price and adds collaboration features

The latest version of the app Todoist, referred to simply as "Next," hopes to capture the attention of the busy bees among us by offering small-scale project management features at a new, affordable cost of... zero dollars. Alongside a streamlined iOS 7-esque design, Todoist added a new visual scheduling interface that makes it easier to chronologically view and delegate tasks. Most significantly, the app is finally following in the footsteps of competitors like Wunderlist by bringing real-time collaboration on 13 different platforms. Users can work alongside five of their friends without shelling out any cash, but for $30 a year, said colleague cap is bumped to 25 (26 in total). Premium users also get features like task labels, notes and filters. So if you're handling more than your fair share getting that startup off the ground (duh), it might just be worth the investment. To download it yourself check the source links below.