Engadget Podcast 381 - 1.24.14

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Ben Gilbert is in charge of today's wild podcast ride, and he's taking Terrence and Joseph into uncharted territory: a place where people actually make cookie dough from scratch. The discussion attempts to swerve around the real issues, but ultimately slams head on into tech-related topics. You'll get the full skinny on Obama's recent NSA announcements, the emotional aspect of Beats Music and Facebook's full-on nerd feud with Princeton. It's a feet up kind of deal, so grab a mug of your favorite tea and settle in for this week's glorious episode of the Engadget Podcast.

Hosts: Terrence O'Brien, Joseph Volpe, Ben Gilbert

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

07:39 - One of the rarest games in the world just landed on eBay
13:17 - Sony teases 'slimmest' PlayStation device coming to the UK on January 30th
14:49 - Microsoft moved 3.9 million Xbox Ones, while Surface sales soared
19:31 - President Obama announces limitations on use of NSA-collected data, puts database in the hands of third party
25:56 - Beats Music builds a unique, if messy, listening experience around emotion
38:46 - WSJ: Apple considering two iPhones with larger screen sizes and metal casings
07:39 - Facebook gets into nerd feud with Princeton, hilarity ensues
13:17 - Pope Francis sees the internet as a blessing for communication

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