The original Macintosh 128K gets torn asunder by iFixit

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Michael Gorman
January 24th, 2014
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The disassembly ninjas at iFixit are usually focused on splitting open the newest gadgets to see what's inside. Today, in honor of the Mac's 30th birthday, they've turned their tools on a thing from the past: the original Macintosh 128K. As is to be expected, there weren't any wild revelations regarding the 128K's innards when given the full teardown treatment. However, iFixit found that the old machine, perhaps unsurprisingly, is much easier to tinker with than its modern counterpart, the iMac, thanks to an uncomplicated interior design and the fact that it doesn't have any adhesive, anywhere. Before you go diving into your old machine, however, be careful, as both the power supply and CRT run at voltages high enough to fry careless would-be modders. Want to see all of the OG Mac's innards for yourself? The source has got what you need.

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