Royal Caribbean uses 80-inch HDTVs to create 'virtual balcony staterooms'

Every cruise-goer wants the ability to recreate the Jack and Rose experience of "flying" on the bow of the ship from their room, but unless you book a window suite early, getting that experience can pose a Titanic-sized challenge. For latecomers who want the waterside experience, Royal Caribbean is offering "virtual balcony staterooms" with 80-inch floor-to-ceiling HD displays framed to look like an actual balcony. The TVs display close to real-time video from the bow and stern of the ship shot on RED Epic HD cinema cameras, complete with audio. Guests can set the mood by switching between cams using an in-room remote, or close the curtains on the display if it gets too romantic.

Sound nauseating? Control Group, the company behind creating the rooms, worked with experts from M.I.T and Harvard on a special fibre-channel delivery system to make sure the experience of moving differently than what you see on the screen doesn't make you want to toss your cookies. Eighty of the new rooms set sail for the first time February 5th on Royal Caribbean's ship Navigator of the Seas. You can book a romantic television-side stay for future voyages now on the company's website.