Alleged Bitcoin founder hires a lawyer in bid to 'clear his name'

While Newsweek continues to stand by its claim that Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin, the man at the center of the allegation has decided to lawyer up. Despite having already denied his involvement, Nakamoto has now shared a personal statement with Reuters to "clear [his] name" and make it clear how much he has suffered from Newsweek's report. Once believed to be in control of a million dollar Bitcoin fortune, the Californian resident detailed his struggle to find work, adding that the article has damaged his prospects of finding a job and caused him and his a family "a great deal of confusion and stress." Apparently, he even cut his internet connection last year, citing financial issues. Nakamoto says it'll be his first and final public word on the matter, but given the fact he's sought legal counsel, the supposed father of Bitcoin may have more to say behind closed doors.

[Image credit: anatacoins, Flickr]