Google Now officially lands in Chrome

If you're the adventurous type, you've probably been enjoying Now notifications in Chrome for a little while now. But starting today, those running the stable version of Google's browser will be able to enjoy the benefits of Now's preemptive search and virtual assistant. The desktop version works more or less the same as it does on mobile, except that the cards pop up from the system tray or notification area in your OS. You'll get access to voice search, reminders for events flights etc... and you'll even get some location-based cards like commute times. Interestingly, some of those alerts are based on the location of your phone, not your laptop or desktop. All you need to do to start using Google Now on your computer is make sure you're signed into Chrome with the same account you use on your mobile phone. If you're not seeing it just yet, don't panic. As is the case with most of Mountain View's products, it'll be rolling out gradually over the next several weeks.