EE adds new entry-level 4G tariffs starting at £14 per month

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Jamie Rigg
March 25, 2014 8:01 PM
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EE adds new entry-level 4G tariffs starting at £14 per month

Yesterday, the cheapest way to hop on UK carrier EE's LTE network, with smartphone for keeps, would set you back £19 per month. Today, call it £14, as EE's introduced a pair of lower price tiers in its 24-month, handset-included plans. For that £14, you get 500 minutes, 500MB of data, and unlimited texts. That would've been the same as the £19 per month plan (just with half the minutes) yesterday, but today £19 gets you 1GB of data. The situation is a little different for EE's "double-speed" Extra tariffs. Nothing changes to any of the existing plans, so the new £22 per month option, which gets you 1000 minutes and 2GB of data, just sits in behind the 4GB for £27 tier. Now, these cheaper plans are going to be offset by steeper handset costs, but there are still some thrifty choices. The Alcatel One Touch Idol S is free from £14 per month, as will EE's own Kestrel when it launches, with other phones starting at £20 upfront.

Shared 4G plans are getting more wallet-friendly, too, with anyone on at least a £23 per month contract able to tack another phone onto their plan for £17 extra each month, or a tablet for £10. Lastly, a new £2 per day bolt-on buys you unlimited calls and texts within the EU, so provided you opt-in once, that's the max you'll be charged thereafter. So, with the boring stuff sorted, maybe it's time to hash out a few more of those 4G roaming agreements, eh?

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