Jawbone and Automatic can now log runs and road trips in one place

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Jawbone and Automatic can now log runs and road trips in one place

Jawbone makes an activity tracker that goes on your wrist. Automatic makes an activity tracker that plugs into your car. The opportunities for synergy there just seem endless, don't they? Thanks to a little inspiration from a well-received hackathon project, these two tracking tech companies have partnered up to put all your movement data Jawbone's iOS and Android companion apps.

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Should you own both devices and install Automatic's software from the Jawbone App Gallery, all the driving data the dongle collects (think trip time, average MPG, start/stop locations and more) will appear in your Jawbone feed. Why? Well, there's the sheer utility of it, for one -- users of both devices now have a single location that highlights their day's back-and-forth. There's also a more contemplative angle, too. By seeing your movement in one shot, you'll also get a sense of how your time is split between being active and cussing at others from behind the wheel. With any luck, you'll start to reconsider which of your trips require a car in the first place. That's potentially great news for your body and the environment... though Automatic'll probably be a little sad you're not zipping around as much as you used to.

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