This bloke's air-powered Wolverine claws could probably kill you

For some of us, the closest we'll ever get to becoming Wolverine is making a pair of cardboard claws, growing a bitchin' set of sideburns and developing a cigar-chewing habit. The more industrially inclined, however, make sets of air-powered, razor-sharp talons that can cut through a watermelon like... Well, how an adamantium knuckle-knife might slice through watermelon. YouTube user ColinFurze fabricated a set of 12-inch stainless steel claws that extend and retract thanks to a set of palm-mounted toggle switches that connect to compressed-air tank on his back -- no bicep-flexes required here, folks. If you're feeling particularly inspired and/or have a welder and some plate-stock handy, bub, Furze has posted a how-to video in addition to the clip where he joyously hacks apart cardboard and what looks like a Mystique blow-up doll (seriously). Even better, he's promised more X-Men-themed videos come next Thursday. Try not to go berserk before then, would-be Weapon X.