Any.DO makes a serious push toward bigger screens with new web app

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Edgar Alvarez
May 22, 2014 12:00 PM
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Any.DO makes a serious push toward bigger screens with new web app

Task-managing applications like Any.DO are known for helping you stay on top of things, like reminding us to pick up that milk on the way home -- because we all know how important it is to do that. But while the service has made its presence be felt on mobile, a dedicated web app is something that Any.DO users have long been waiting for. And now it's here. As of today, you can start using Any.DO outside of iOS and Android and on any browser, not just via a Chrome extension. For the most part, it'll be the same on your web browser as it is on the smartphone app, but there are some new features that Any.DO has tailored specifically for bigger screens. Focus Mode, as seen above, lets you quickly glance at what to-do's you have coming up; Planning Mode, meanwhile, shows multiple folders and allows tasks to be moved across one another.

As part of this announcement, Any.DO also let it be known that it has now reached 10 million users worldwide, and it is hoping the newly minted web app will only help it grow further. "There's a world of people who haven't considered us because they need a full web experience, right on their computer screens. They're going to use for the first time and that's what I'm most excited about," said Any.DO CEO Omer Perchik.

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