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Betawatch: May 17 - 23, 2014

Bree Royce, @nbrianna
May 23, 2014

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Bungie announced this week that its console MMOFPS Destiny is open for pre-order and pre-loading on the PS3 and PS4. Pre-order players will earn beta access come July. What else is new in the world of MMO beta testing?
  • WildStar is keeping its open beta live intermittently until the headstart begins.
  • Legend of Silkroad entered open beta this week.
  • Star Citizen's single-player Arena Commander module is officially launching May 29th.
  • MapleStory 2's Korean closed beta is expected to begin later this year.
  • Newly announced MOBA Arena of Fate plans an early access period for PC players this summer.
Journey on for the complete Betawatch roundup!

Open testing phase
Massively considers a game to be in open testing if it has open, public signups and plans for a server wipe before its official launch. Self-described "open beta" MMOs that have soft-launched with functioning real-money cash shops will not be listed.

Face of Mankind (Nexeon): Signup
Legend of Silkroad (JC Planet): Announcement, Signup
Margonem (Garmory): Signup
Project Gorgon (Project Gorgon): Signup
SmashMuck Champions (Kis Studios): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (early access on Steam)
Taikodom (Gamersfirst): Announcement, Signup
WildStar (Carbine/NCsoft): Announcement, Signup (launching 6/3)

Closed testing phase
We consider an MMO to be in closed testing if it features either future test signups or an ongoing semi-private beta/alpha that cannot immediately and freely be accessed by the general public. Some are restricted by NDAs. Games qualify even if the testing is limited to backers or pre-purchasers and if has an active cash shop as long as the signups are restricted.

Albion Online (Sandbox Interactive): Announcement, Signup (alpha)
ArcheAge (Trion): Announcement, Signup (alpha; closed beta expected in June)
Archlord 2 (Webzen): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)
Argo Online (Games-Masters): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)
Auto Club Revolution (Eutechnyx): Announcement, Signup (closed beta June 16)
Black Desert (Pearl Abyss): Announcement (Korean closed beta)
Black Gold (Snail Games): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)
DayZ (Bohemia Interactive): Announcement, Signup (Steam early access)
Dungeon Fighter Online (Neople): Announcement, Signup (alpha)
Earthrise: First Impact (SilentFuture): Announcement, Signup
Eclipse War Online (Playwith Interactive): Announcement, Signup
Elite: Dangerous (Frontier): Announcement, Early Access Purchase (donor alpha 4)
Gloria Victis (Black Eye): Announcement (donor alpha)
Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard): Announcement, Signup (technical alpha)
HEX (HEX Entertainment): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)
Landmark (SOE): Announcement, Signup (paid closed beta)
LEGO Minifigures Online (Funcom): Announcement, Signup (beta in June; launching summer 2014)
Line of Defense (3000AD): Announcement, Signup
MyDream (MyDream): Announcement (closed testing open to donors)
Nosgoth (Square Enix): Signup
Origins of Malu (Burning Dog): Announcement
Shadowrun Online (Cliffhanger): Announcement (in Steam early access)
Shroud of the Avatar (Portalarium): Announcement (in donor testing)
Starlite (Project Whitecard): Announcement, Signup (fka Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond)
Strife (S2 Games): Announcement, Signup
Swordsman (PWE): Signup (closed beta)
The Repopulation (Above and Beyond): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Transformers Universe (Jagex): Announcement, Signup
Trove (Trion): Announcement (donor alpha)
TUG (Nerd Kingdom): Announcement, Signup (Steam early access)
Venus Rising (FoxySoft): Announcement (in internal alpha; adult MMO/NSFW)
Warlords of Draenor (Blizzard): Announcement, Signup (in closed alpha)
War Thunder (Gaijin): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)

Betawatch is Massively's weekly report on the latest MMO alphas, betas, and other games still meandering toward an official launch. From ArcheAge to WildStar, it's covered here, complete with sign-up links so that you too can perform the unpaid quality-control work otherwise known as game testing. Drop us a comment if we've missed one, and many thanks to Steven Eyerman for the Subreddit links.

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