LaCie's popular portable drive adds more convenience and durability

Billy Steele
B. Steele|06.05.14

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LaCie's popular portable drive adds more convenience and durability

Who hasn't misplaced an accessory cable at one time or another? We've all been there. Well, to combat that issue with its popular orange-draped Rugged portable drive, LaCie has built it right in. A Thunderbolt cable is now attached to the mobile storage unit, wrapping around the edge of the device for safekeeping. What's more, there's a cap that protects the jack and an additional USB 3.0 port with IP54-rated dust and water protection. This means that not only are the drives capable of taking a fall of up to two meters (just over 6.5 feet), but it can also keep debris and moisture out whilst in the field.

In terms of speed, the Rugged clocks in at up to 387 MB/s and can handle 100GB in less than five minutes. If you're itching to grab one, you'll have to wait until July, but 1TB and 2TB capacities in addition to 250GB and 500GB SSD options will range in price from $220 on up to $500.

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