Latest rumors have Apple's wearable launching in October

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Latest rumors have Apple's wearable launching in October

If you've been waiting for Apple's long-fabled wearable to make an appearance, you now have a time frame to (tentatively) mark on your calendar. Both Nikkei and Recode hear that the device is currently slated to arrive in October. Technical details are still unclear, but both sites expect a strong health focus; that's not surprising given both iOS 8's new HealthKit platform and longstanding 9to5 Mac rumors of fitness-oriented wristwear. Nikkei also understands that Apple and Nike hope to integrate each other's services in the future, although it's not certain that this will apply to the wearable.

Recode is quick to caution that the scheduling could change, so don't be surprised if October comes and goes without a shiny new gadget. However, a launch that month makes sense. In recent years, Apple has reserved many of its bigger non-iPhone unveilings for October -- think iPads and higher-profile Macs. That's a long time to wait, if true, but what's another few months for hardware that has achieved an almost mythological status?

[Image credit: Ruben Schade, Flickr]

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