​Lowe's Holoroom is an augmented reality showroom, not a sci-fi revolution

Admit it, you've seen the 'holodeck' on Star Trek and thought to yourself: "I want that." So did the folks at Lowe's Innovation Lab, but what they came up isn't exactly science fiction. Lowe's Holoroom isn't a holographic reality, it's an augmented reality: by covering a small space in AR markers, Lowe's has created a room that allows customers to view potential home renovations by looking through the window of an iPad.

Markers add accuracy to the AR experience, but that's not the reason the company chose an augmented experience over a virtual one. According to Singularity Hub, the company explored "simulator solutions," but had to abandon them due to concerns over motion sickness. Lowe's plans to install the Holoroom in select Toronto stores this year, and will eventually allow customers to print out their own makers and continue the experience from home. Holoroom doesn't quite deliver on the holographic fantasy the name suggests, but hey -- whatever gets the bathroom remodeled.