Parrot's two-wheeled MiniDrones to jump and fly into the US in August

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While the AR.Drone quadrocopter is still Parrot's most recognizable product, the company actually has other toy robots to offer. Take, for instance, the Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider MiniDrones it showcased during this year's CES, which are both slated to hit US shelves in August. The Jumping Sumo, a two-wheeled phone or tablet-controlled robot that can, well, hop and jump like its name implies, will retail for $159. Rolling Spider, on the other hand, is a $99 machine that comes with rotors and removable wheels, so it can roll around, climb walls and ceilings and (in a very unspider-like manner) even fly. Both will be available for pre-order as soon as July, but if you're also waiting for Bebop, you may want to consider your budget first -- that one will retail for at least $300 when it comes out.

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