​iHeartRadio's new 'For You' feature tries to find music you'll love

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Sean Buckley
June 16, 2014 9:40 PM
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​iHeartRadio's new 'For You' feature tries to find music you'll love

Tired of picking your iHeartRadio stations based on whatever mood passes your fancy? Now you've got other options -- starting with iHeartRadio's latest update, the app will offer users a curated list of stations based on their favorite genres and listening habits. The app's new "For You" feature is front and center in its 5.0 update, tasking users to pick out their favorite music genres to give the recommendation engine a nudge in the right direction. The app combines that feedback with your listening history, location and music you previously thumbed up to create a custom list of stations culled just for you. Cute, isn't it? The app also sports an updated UI, but the real exciting stuff is coming in a few months: today iHeartRadio announced that Chromecast support is on the way. Check out the latest update in Google Play. On iOS? Sit tight: the update should land on the App Store in about a week.

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