O2 Travel add-on offers unlimited data in Europe for £2 per day

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Jamie Rigg
July 22, 2014 11:50 AM
O2 Travel add-on offers unlimited data in Europe for £2 per day

Roaming charges aren't something you should be worrying about on holiday, as most major UK carriers are well aware. Vodafone will let you use your usual call, text and data allowances abroad for as little as £2, while Three lets you do the same for absolutely nothing. After falling behind the curve somewhat, O2's now updated its Travel tariff to make roaming more attractive, leaving EE as the only network still following the old-school megabytes-for-money package model. For £1.99 per day, pay-monthly O2 customers can take advantage of unlimited data roaming across Europe, as well as favourable call and text rates. Pay-as-you-go customers can also purchase the travel bundle, but will only get 50MB of data each day. While it is truly unlimited for contract holders, O2's fair use policy means that after 100MB (or half that amount of streaming video/audio), your connection speeds will be throttled. Still, that's more than enough for checking email, using maps and posting the odd self-congratulatory Instagram snap.

It's a significant overhaul of O2's Travel tariff, which used to only provide 15MB of data for the same price. That didn't make much sense after the latest round of cuts to the cost of data roaming throughout the EU -- hence, this new and better bundle. Hopefully, though, it'll only be a year or two before the concept of roaming in Europe, and these kind of packages, cease to exist entirely.
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