​Android smartphones are about to get multi-user support

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Sean Buckley
August 6th, 2014
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​Android smartphones are about to get multi-user support

If you have an Android tablet and kids, you're probably a fan of the OS' multi-user feature: it lets you add passwords and lock specific apps based on who is using the device. The feature launched exclusively on tablets last year, coupled with the explanation that Google hadn't quite figured out how to handle incoming phone calls with multiple users. Now the company seems to have figured it out, explaining in a response in the Android issue tracker that multiple user support will be available "as a part of the next public build."

The straightforward (and slightly vague) statement explains that the feature has been implemented for the next build, but doesn't specify if it's coming in an iterative update, or with Android L -- the mobile OS' next major version. The response doesn't completely answer everything in the issue tracker's feature request either, but it does come from a verified Google employee, so there's little doubt multiple-user support for smartphones is on the way. Check out the issue tracker and Google's full (but short) response at the source link below.

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