OnePlus One camera update helps you take sharper, noise-free photos

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OnePlus One camera update helps you take sharper, noise-free photos

The 13-megapixel camera on the OnePlus One is fine for the money, but not spectacular; it frequently captures soft, noisy snapshots if the lighting conditions aren't ideal. Don't worry, though, as the fledgling phone maker has rolled out a camera update that can (sometimes) give you the photo quality you've been missing. Much like what you saw in the Oppo Find 7, the One's new Clear Image feature takes a burst of 10 photos and stitches them together into a cleaner, higher-resolution picture. You can see the results for yourself below -- a muddy, grainy photo of a wall clock (shown on the left) suddenly becomes clear. OnePlus is even promising reasonable file sizes, so you won't immediately regret buying the 16GB One instead of its 64GB counterpart.

Clear Image isn't a cure-all, of course. It won't help if there's significant motion from you or your subjects, and it's not going to produce a usable image if there isn't enough light to begin with. However, the biggest limitation may simply be getting the phone in the first place -- it'd be great if OnePlus could replace its invitation-only sales model as quickly as it replaces camera apps.

Regular photo on the left, Clear Image on the right

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