Google triples max bounty for Chrome bugs to make the browser safer for users

Google has long been rewarding anyone who can dig up Chrome browser bugs with a nice amount of cash, but the longer the reward program runs, the harder it is to find vulnerabilities. Thus, Mountain View's upping the max reward a dedicated bounty hunter can get to $15,000 for each high-quality report -- not as big as the $110,000 reward it offered for Chrome OS security bugs in January, but still 10 grand more than the previous $5,000 max. Also, recipients can now prove to their doubtful friends that they've indeed made Chrome a safer browser for them, as they'll now be listed in the program's new Hall of Fame page.

Anyone who expects to earn $15K will have to really work for it, though: They'll have to provide an exploit that demonstrates how the bug can affect users. But in order to minimize duplicate entries, bug hunters can first submit reports to claim the vulnerability and then just follow up with the exploit later on. Interested in getting some of Google's dollars for yourself? Check out the different types of vulnerabilities and their corresponding reward amounts on the program's page to see which ones will net you the most cash.