Google Now has your back for Voter Registration Day, too

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Mariella Moon
October 4, 2014 11:54 AM
Google Now has your back for Voter Registration Day, too

Vote signs

Google surely has a lot of tricks in store for the Now app: one of the latest to surface, for instance, reminds American voters to register for November's general elections. Residents in Michigan, Pennsylvania and likely other states recently received Now pop-ups about the registration deadline on October 5th. Some of those who reported seeing the card claimed they haven't even done a search for anything election-related in recent years, so it's possible that the app flashes the reminder based on your location. It's unclear whether this is a national rollout or just something the company's testing, though, since Google hasn't officially announced it yet. We first caught a glimpse of this new feature when developer Zhuowei Zhang released his UnleashTheGoogle app in September, which shows all the cards the company's currently testing. Since among the rather lengthy list is an API called "Election info," we might see similar Now cards in the future.

[Image credit: Getty/Jupiterimages, Droid Life]

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