HTC still plans to tackle wearables, wants to 'get it right'

We told you last month that HTC had shelved plans for its upcoming smartwatch. And with good reason; as a spokesperson told Re/code, it doesn't seem that "anyone has gotten it right." The wearable that HTC was working on was originally supposed to debut right around now, but it simply wasn't ready for primetime. That doesn't mean that the Taiwanese manufacturer is going to stay above of the fray for good, though. The company still has plans to build a wearable, it just wants to make sure it has a clear winner on its hands first. (And considering the state of battery technology that might be quite a while.) It will probably be sometime before we see a smartwatch stamped with the HTC name, but the company says its working on a strategy. What that strategy is, isn't exactly clear. We're just going to have to wait until the company is ready to reveal more. Though, that might not be until next year.