Microsoft Android Wear app lets you search Bing by twisting your wrist

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Microsoft Android Wear app lets you search Bing by twisting your wrist

Slightly irked that you have to say "OK Google" whenever you want to use voice search on your Android Wear smartwatch? Microsoft, of all companies, is coming to your rescue. The developer is leading a trio of experimental Android releases with Torque, an app that lets you start a Bing search just by twisting your wrist; you only have to speak when you're asking your question. You'll get optimized output for certain kinds of search results, including maps, stocks and weather.

The other apps are meant solely for your phone, but they could be equally handy. Next Lock Screen puts important info at the top level of your phone, including missed calls and frequently used apps; you can also change the lock screen's background depending on your location. Journeys & Notes, meanwhile, lets you write notes to share with anyone else who visits nearby, such as tips about what to eat. All three of Microsoft's latest Android apps are free, so it probably won't hurt to give them a try.

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