The iBox Nano 3D printer is almost as cheap as it is tiny

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The iBox Nano 3D printer is almost as cheap as it is tiny

We've seen our share of 3D printers 'round these parts, but the iBox Nano could be one of the smallest yet. Its creators claim that the gizmo is not only the most diminutive resin printer, but also the most affordable in addition to being the word's quietest and lightest 3D printer to date. It achieves these bullet points in a few ways, namely by using LEDs instead of a DLP bulb for light (cuts down on size and noise) and acrylic parts for the actual printer body. The end result is a box measuring 4 x 3 x 8 inches and weighing in at three pounds. What's with going small, though? Well, the inventors say that, statistically, folks who buy bigger (and costlier) 3D printers tend to only print smaller objects anyway -- this is a matter of calculated efficiency.

Taking that theme even further, you can print without installing any software; everything is handled via WiFi and your web browser -- you can even print from Android and iOS devices. And if you're wondering what's actually possible with the Nano, like Gizmodo notes, the pitch video and Kickstarter page are rife with things like high-res chess pieces, rings and even a velociraptor head with individual teeth. Want one for custom trinkets of your own? All it takes is a $269 pledge and for the project to raise the rest of its $300,000 funding goal (about $92,000 as of this writing).

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