Cyber Monday Joystiq Deals: Extra 10% off controllers, drones, more

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Cyber Monday Joystiq Deals: Extra 10% off controllers, drones, more
What better way to celebrate Cyber Monday than with an extra discount at Joystiq Deals? Take an extra 10 percent off the entire store by using the code "HAPPYCM10." Today includes a slew of deals on gadgets and gizmos aplenty, such as 25 percent off the NES30 Bluetooth Controller ($29.99), an iOS and Android-compatible gamepad that's shaped like the rectangular retro pad we all admire.

Joystiq Deals also features discounts on power sources today, such as 60 percent off a massive 100 AA and 52 AAA battery pack from Duracell ($59.99). Cyber shoppers can also get the Limefuel LP200X for 58 percent off ($34.99), a different type of "battery pack" that keeps two USB devices charged on the go. Oh no! One of your two low-battery devices is your iPhone, and it's waaaaaay across the room! Fret not, as Joystiq Deals is also offering a 10-foot iOS lightning cable at 52 percent off ($18.99). And after over 10 hours of sweet jams, you'll finally need to charge your new USB-compatible Pocket Kick Speaker, the portable Bluetooth-enabled boom-box with a built-in microphone that is currently 24 percent off ($74.99).

"I want drones," you probably just muttered to yourself. Don't we all? Joystiq Deals read our wish lists and is now offering the SKEYE Nano Drone at 41 percent off ($34.99), the world's smallest precision-controlled quadrocopter with three flight modes and the ability to perform flips (and possibly the capacity to love). You will need more drone friends, so pick up the Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 with an aerial camera at 46 percent off ($74.99). The Extreme Micro Drone is an eye-in-the-sky quadrocopter that uses sensors to correctly orient itself mid-air and features a swiveling camera lens for photography and videography. Those looking for a higher-end, auto-hovering drone can pick up the DJI Phantom FC40 at 23 percent off ($499), which offers HD-quality video recording and pairs with a smart phone so folks can view the drone's footage live up to 100 meters away.
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