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Around Azeroth: Wonton and reckless behavior


True natives of Pandaria, like submitter Azduke of The ELITZ on Thaurissan (US-H), must be pretty bitter that their native cuisine is being bastardized by all those novice foreign cooks hanging around Halfhill. Sunsong Ranch is like the Noodles & Company of Azeroth.

This is a good opportunity to tell one of the very few true EMS stories I can tell in this column. About five years ago, we were clearing up from the hospital when I saw something that caught my eye on the side of the road and yelled "Oh my God!" My partner, who had been a medic for twenty-plus years, slammed on the brakes and started looking around for whoever had been hit by a car or gone into cardiac arrest on the sidewalk. As it turns out, I had just seen an "opening soon" sign for the first Noodles & Company in the area; it had been by favorite restaurant in my college town. I was advised that in the future I should not yell things like that unless I meant it. The next time I ever yelled that loudly on a call was a surprise pediatric gunshot wound.

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