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Path of Exile boasts 3.7 million registrations, prepares for patch next week


Path of Exile's team is celebrating a gangbuster 2013, but has plans for an even better 2014 starting with a new patch next week.

A forum post from the devs lists all of the accomplishments from 2013, starting with the fact that the game went from closed beta to launch during that time frame. Other significant numbers include 87 patches, 35 new team members, a peak of 70,000 concurrent players, and 3.7 million registered players.

Patch 1.0.5 is scheduled for Thursday, January 9th, and will add an Enlighten support gem, new cosmetic microtransactions, more vendor recipes, unique items, and achievements. The team said that 1.0.6 will be "even larger" when it hits.

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