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Skydieving creator nDreams has PS4, Oculus Rift plans for 2014


Developer nDreams made its name creating items for PlayStation Home, grew to cult fame with the debut of "Oculus Rift experimental-game-demo-falling simulator-game thing" Skydieving, and now hopes to jump into the mainstream spotlight with full-fledged PlayStation 4 and Oculus Rift projects in the works.

I'm delighted to be able to officially announce that we are working on a PlayStation 4 title, which will launch in 2014," the studio states in a message to its investors. "More details will follow next year, but it's the most ambitious game we have ever created, and we can't wait to reveal more about it – it's going to be something truly special."

While Skydieving was less a game and more a test of the Oculus Rift's capabilities, nDreams sees a bright future for the would-be virtual reality headset. "We're also working on a game for the awesome Oculus Rift. VR is an area of technology that we believe will finally come of age in 2014, and you'll see us investing a great deal of time and money into it," the studio writes. "The technology capable of making VR work properly has finally arrived."

Alongside these big projects, nDreams will continue to create PlayStation Home items, as well as three games planned for release on mobile devices.

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