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Breakfast Topic: Do you collect vanity items?

Blizzard has a vanity item problem -- or maybe we, the players of World of Warcraft, have a vanity item problem. It's really hard to tell. What's certain is that the game is full of vanity items, from the wintery fun of the snowball to the ever popular Ai-Li's Skymirror. Pandaria and Timeless Isle, especially, seem packed with items that are fun, but don't have a lot of game utility - and while we love the toys, our bags, banks, and void storage are already packed with toys and transmog gear, which makes it hard to collect everything we'd like. Do we really want to keep that Mechanical Greench, or would we rather keep collecting old tier armor sets? Do we really need to hang on to Thunderfury when we can't use it for transmog? The life of a vanity item collector is full of difficult choices like this.

So tell us, readers -- do you collect vanity items? And if so, how do you manage to keep them all? We're asking for a friend, obviously.

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