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Experience Entropy's character creator with new video

MJ Guthrie

The new space sim Entropy hit the scene last month through Steam's early access program, and interested explorers can get a glimpse of character creation thanks to a new video. Players can be a variety of alien species on top of human, or just add alien characteristics to a human. While the options for hair and facial features are not extensive (most have no more than eight ) and the color pallet is fairly limited (ranging between five and 14 choices for most options), players can still create a reasonably unique character -- or an approximation of The Hulk, if desired -- thanks to the number of different features that can be altered.

Looks are not the only thing players must settle on, either; one point that the video emphasizes is that picking a background for your character actually has meaning as whichever choice you make grants you different skills and items upon entering the game. Check out some of those options available in the clip below.

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